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Yahoo Buzz Completion with Digg

Posted by Agent Deepak | Monday, May 26, 2008 | 2 comments »

Now its 26th of May and I will be doing each and every post according to my game plans. I will try my best and would like to hear all your comments. For details of my plan for this blog read Updating my Blog for you .Here is my first post for you under those plans.

I guess might have heard of a new service by Yahoo, Yahoo Buzz . For those who already do not know, it is a Digg-like service that launched on February 25 and is now nearly two months old. It is currently in its Beta state. It has been called as a competition to Digg. Is it really a competition to Digg? It’s hard to answer. First let us see what type of service is this, then we can discuss about the competition.

Yahoo says “the buzz can be about anything - a great story on a major news site, an extraordinary bit from an obscure site, an intriguing video, or a fantastic blog that shouldn't be missed. Instead of editors, people like you determine the top-rated stories.”

Well in Digg also we determine the popular stories. So what’s new about Yahoo Buzz anyway?

Like many other social content websites (e.g., Digg, Propeller, Reddit, and Stumble Upon), Yahoo! Buzz allows people to express a like (or dislike) for articles, videos, photos, and other content. Yahoo! Buzz is unique, however, because their rankings also take into account things like trends in search queries on Yahoo! Search, and the number of times that content is shared with friends over email. Popular Buzz is linked directly from Yahoo Homepage and will be seen by millions of users. We know that Yahoo has more traffic then Digg. Yahoo is using its traffic properly so far. In April Yahoo! Buzz for the first time did more traffic than Digg - Buzz got nearly 7 million U.S. unique visitors in April, a 74% growth over March. What's more, about 51% of Yahoo! Buzz users are women, compared to just 39% women for Digg

It looks good and promising but is it so?

For me the answer is currently no. The reason being I cannot submit any news, story, video, or anything directly into Yahoo Buzz. Yahoo currently has a set of publishers from where it takes contents for Buzz. These are mostly the famous publishers. Currently it is no good for other publishers and Bloggers. There’s no upcoming section and no fancy tools to see how the stories become popular. But I believe something will be done in future.

So should you use it or not?

I say you should. The lots of traffic are a proof that it has promising future. API for developers to create third party applications will be coming soon. The site loads a little faster then Digg. It has very simple interface. The site displays recently popular stories in a neat animation at the top, and the rest of the site is easy to use and nice enough to look at. Well I love the look of the site. I am currently a member of Yahoo Buzz. I have also put their Widget on my blog side bars. You won’t believe it but it loads faster than any other third party widgets I have used. It looks so cool. Below is a screen shot of the widget as it looks on my blog sidebars.

So the final question is about the competition?

Currently nothing is clear but I do not think there is really any competition. Yahoo Buzz is still new and Digg is already doing very well. Yahoo though has got more traffic but they lack something. We really have to wait and watch for some time. Well what are your views?

Well this concludes my post. This post is a review of Yahoo Buzz by comparing it with Digg. Please feel free to share your views. Your views will help me improve my skills and I will be able to provide good contents.


  1. E-Tavasi // May 26, 2008 at 7:44 AM Yahoo Also build their buzz.. It is good to have this buzz, sometimes we can get lots of traffic inside using this. Long time ago i join this Buzzfuse that also can bring traffic and make some income, then i stop because of lot of email come into my inbox, and need to add the code every time to make post.. i just like my post clean, don't like too much link.. but ads.. hehe i like it

  2. Agent 001 // May 28, 2008 at 11:15 PM

    Yahoo Buzz do not spam.It is still in beta so we have to wait for sometime to see its full potential.