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Updating my Blog for you

Posted by Agent Deepak | Saturday, May 17, 2008 | 2 comments »

Well friends it has been 3 months to my blog.I am happy that I was able to complete 3 months in blogging for the first time.

That’s not the main story. The main story is that I am updating my blog for you and for me too. No I am not buying any domains or web hosting services. I am just adding new things to my content. I started this blog Greatest Reviews to review free or paid services available on internet. Well did some good job on it. After blogging for so much of time and by my previous experience on internet, I have learned many things. I have learned more about blogging, SEO, software (I love to test software), money making and other kind of stuffs. I am even able to give my visitors a contest with lot of prizes.

Well I have decided to blog 6 days a week. Of course Sunday will be holiday for me and my blog. But I work the most on Sunday. I assure you of very good contents on my blog. I have decided to follow some guidelines to follow in my blogging on this blog. I have decided to review three things on my blog. First, the usual review i.e. reviews of free or paid services or products available on internet. Here I will be promoting good services and products. Probably these reviews will be on Mondays. Second, I will do reviews on software which can freeware, shareware or even paid ones. These will be available on Wednesdays. Third and last reviews will be on useful websites. These are scheduled for Fridays. Well you might be thinking I promised 6 days content but here are 3 days only.

Wait dear I am not finished yet. On other days I will write about blogging, money making, advices and help (I will tell about it later), blog reviews, happenings on internet and some other kind of stuffs. Many of might be just thinking what happened to my free offers. Well what I saw till now is that I didn’t get me much response, may be due to lack of proper traffic. But I will still be providing you with free offers and they will come as surprises. They can come on any day of the week except for Sundays. If you need them you have to keep an eye on this blog every single day. I have even thought of one more thing, on Saturdays I will be providing with some news kind of things which may include what so much happened in that week, Links to articles I liked and are very much useful. I may even link to some good blogs I visited.

Some here is the summary of, “How my Blog Contents are feed to you and How the Blog might look like” after 25th of this month i.e. 25th May 2008. I am sorry but doing every thing right from this moment is going to be hard but I will be blogging 6 days a week from this Monday. Oh well look at the summary of above.

1. Mondays: My usual- Reviews of free or paid services or products available on internet.
2. Tuesdays: Rest of the Topics.
3. Wednesdays: Software Reviews- Freeware, Sharewares and Paid and comparison of two or more software and applications.
4. Thursdays: Rest of the Topics.
5. Fridays: Website Reviews- Reviews of useful website. There are lot good ones there bur still not known to all.
6. Saturdays: News and Linking- some news, links to good blogs and links to good useful articles.

1. Rest of Topics: Means articles on about blogging, money making, advices and help (I will tell about it later), blog reviews, happenings on internet and some other kind of stuffs.
2. As currently My Contest is going on I may also provide updates on it on those days.
3. My Blog Updates can come on any day cancelling the scheduled postings. I will not be update until the completion of my on going contest.

Well friends there are some more news. I will be putting my About the Blog and About Me posts soon. I am thinking of selling ads space on my blog. I have currently three 125 X 125 ads space (currently all are reserved for contest) and fourteen 64 X 64 ads space (Seven of which are reserved for contest). Does any one have any advice or idea on how can I do this. Please give your ideas and advices.

Hey if you haven’t participated on my contest yet do it soon. For details go to My Blog Contest Online: 1170 $ + Prizes .Did I mention it or not but every one who participate is a winner. Read every line carefully and you will know how.


  1. E-Tavasi // May 18, 2008 at 7:07 AM

    I just wondering what are doing in Sunday ? :D Why not just buy a domains and hosting, you have lots of sponsor ?

  2. Agent 001 // May 18, 2008 at 1:14 PM

    @ E Tavasi: I do not have lot of sponsor. I have so far two sponsor who are sponsoring my contest only. Well I am thinking of buying domain but it might not be for blogging.I have money but I need a credit card to buy Domain efficiently.
    Well on sunday I will be collecting data, researching on internet and thinking of ideas for blogging new contents.