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Tips and Updates for My Blog Contest

Posted by Agent Deepak | Saturday, May 24, 2008 | 3 comments »

Yep here I come with my tips to win my blog contest. This post is an update as well. There are few changes to the contest. Do not worry all changes are in positive directions.

Let’s first go with some updates. First the total value of my prizes has increased. How? Well if you remember the prize list, then the first prize was Two hour’s consultation time for blogging sponsored by The University Kid ( unknown). Now the unknown is removed by its value in dollars. It's value is 50$ per hour. I just talked about the value with Jason. You know he is quite helpful. He replied me within 24hrs. One more change has taken place. I have divided the two hour’s consultation time into 2 one hour consultation time. Now the total number of prize is 20(excluding 1000 copies of e-book). The total value is now 1272$ to be precise. Please visit the contest page to see the changes done. Go to My Blog Contest Online: 1272 $ Prizes

Ok now for the tips. This won’t look much like tips but it will surely help you win. I will be using some basic mathematics in this post to make you understand what I want to say. First let me assume I will get at least 100 email subscribers. I have got 20 prizes, thus the chance of winning must be 20 out of 100 or in simple words 20% chance of winning. Sorry, but it’s not like that. My contest is for the person who does a little hard work and play intelligently. Ok I will make you understand soon.

I have divided my prizes into seven categories. These are Lucky Feed Subscriber, Lucky Commentator, Lucky Blogger, Lucky Stumbler, Lucky Digger, Lucky Twitter Follower and Lucky Voter. You have to subscribe to my feeds by email to enter this contest and then complete some additional tasks. Read the contest post before you proceed. If you have completed the required steps then you have entered the first category i.e. Lucky Feed Subscriber. There are now 4 prizes in total and as I assumed 100 subscribers, the chances of winning any prize are 4%. Now you see it is quite low. Hey I told you, my contest is for intelligent people. That’s why the other categories exist. Let's see, how? Now to be lucky Commentator you need to comment on at least 5 posts. Well let us assume only 20 person do so but there are 3 prizes. So winning chances is now 3 out of 20 i.e. 15 %. Wow that is much better. Let’s think similarly for Lucky Stumbler and Lucky digger but assuming only 10 people complete the steps. By the mathematics I have done so far, we will get a winning chance of 30% in each category. So now you feel like increasing your chances of winning.

Now just think of Lucky Voter and Lucky Blogger categories. Well voter has to vote for me in Bloggers Choice Awards and Blogger have to blog about this contest. I am assuming only 5 entries for this. Now by the some mathematics, the winning chances for Lucky Voter category are 40% and for Luck Blogger category are 60%. Wow it is like you will almost win it. Now the only category left is Lucky Twitter Follower. Well I do not know how many followers I will get but if I assume some 25 followers then the chances are 8% .Well low but better than Lucky Subscriber. Oh lots of mathematics. My head is spinning. I do not know how much you understand this. If you do not, then please let me clarify your doubt by leaving some questions and opinions comments.

In simple words the only best tip I can give(or I should give) you now is that you participate in all the seven categories. Complete all the steps. Digging will take 5 min for 5-6 days and Stumbling will take only five minutes. Following me will take just few seconds. Voting for me will take 5 minutes. Blogging about the contest will only take half an hour. Commenting will take only 5 minutes for 5-6 days. So in total to increase your chances to win prizes you just have to devote 2 hours in 45 days. You have to work so less. Well give it your best and you will win. Wait did I not mention one thing, in my contest the chances of winning is always 100% .How? Did you forgot first 1000 contestants will get a 1$ e-book. Yep you will surely get it but on completion of the contest and you should always target the main 20 prizes. Most of them are valued more than 10$ .Please leave your comments.

News: To make my contest a little transparent, I wish to put a post which will include list of participant in all the seven categories. Please give your views and advices.

Note: One person can win multiple prizes.

Link: My Blog Contest Online: 1272 $ Prizes


  1. E-Tavasi // May 24, 2008 at 8:47 AM
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. E-Tavasi // May 24, 2008 at 8:53 AM

    Well Agent001..

    I have one idea, why not if you have 1000$ reserve for 100 person that join your contest in one category, but then only 5 which is register with you. Then why not you just divided 1000$ to 5 = ?

    That is easy :D for one category :D

    This contest make everybody can win :D nice good contest :D

  3. Agent 001 // May 24, 2008 at 10:21 PM

    Hey E-tavasi your idea is very good butI do not have 1000$ to give in the contest.You see 1000$ of my blog contest comes from 1000 1$ ebooks.