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Contests around the Blogsphere

Posted by Agent Deepak | Friday, May 23, 2008 | 4 comments »

I do not know whether I should have posted this post or not. I do not know if it will have any affect on my own contest. I am now going to tell about two of the contest which I came across just yesterday. These contests will end soon. But my contest continues till end of June. Well I think I do not have to worry.

Here is the first contest.

Enter Brain Foggles Blog Contest May 16 thru May 30 This contest is on Brain Foggles. It is titled GiveAway! Hosted SEO Blog With Custom Header!Well I do not know why it is called a give away. It’s a contest and you have to complete some conditions to win. It started the same time as my own contest. Below are few details directly from the post.


This is open to anyone not just those in the USA. You do need to be able to write in English though if you want to take part in the advice and support.

I’m giving away an SEO optimized Wordpress blog. But that’s not all. Take a look at the list of bells and whistles that come along with this:

  1. Hosting for one year
  2. Keyword research
  3. Advice on picking a profitable niche for the blog
  4. Complete set up of Wordpress and associated plug-in
  5. Your choice of SEO Theme
  6. Technical support and continued advice through the Advisory Panel
  7. A custom header made by Lori of A Cowboy’s Wife. She does some awesome work, trust me.

The cost of this prize is worth about $125.


This contest is going very well. There are 35 comments to it. The contest will end about 10PM EST, Friday May 30th. A winner will be announced on Saturday, May 31st. Well I am going to participate in it. You can too. For details visit Brain Foggles or the contest page mentioned above.

Here is the second one which almost attracted me at the first instance.

The contest titled Win $350 in contest! have three prizes in total. It started on 21st of this month and already got 40 responses. I am blown out with the popularity of this contest and the prizes are good too. Below are all the details directly from the post.


We’re giving away $350 in prizes! The rules of the contest are simple and easy to follow.

The rules are as follows:

  • Subscribe to DiggItLive dot COM via Email and verify it. Subscribe via Email form is in the header. Those who have subscribed already will also be counted.
  • Post a comment here that you have subscribed to DiggItLive via Email.
  • If possible, post about our contest on your forum/blog as well. (optional)

The winners and their prizes will be as follows:

1st Winner
$160 in prize
One .COM domain of choice.

2nd Winner
$100 in prize
One .COM domain of choice.

3rd Winner
$90 in prize
One .COM domain of choice.

The winners will be selected randomly using I will send money to them via PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account to receive the prize. The domain registration and push will be done via Go Daddy.


This contest closes on May 30th. I do not why the contest duration is so small. But this contest is really to my likings. I love cash prizes that too through PayPal and I really needed a domain name. I have already participated in it. What about you?

Well that’s all. As I have told you before I do not know if I am doing right by promoting others contest when my contest is going on. I have this feeling that I should provide my friends with these information. Hey that’s no problem for me. I am happy to give you this info and will be happier if any of you win the above contest. Please promise me that if you win you will let me know. By the way, tips for winning my contest will come tomorrow. Just wait for it and please have a look at the articles mentioned in my Must Read Articles section in my sidebars.


  1. Lossehelin // May 23, 2008 at 5:02 AM

    contestes are still live and kicking! :)

  2. E-Tavasi // May 23, 2008 at 7:18 AM

    Wow.. this is nice contest, mmm if the time contest duration is short im sure i will not win if I participate, my English also bad in grammar :D

    Good luck to you in this contest :D all the best..

  3. Agent 001 // May 24, 2008 at 12:13 AM

    @ Lossehelin :Yep there is always a contest in the blogsphere.

    @ E-tavasi :Thanks.You can participate too.

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