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Who is Referring or Linking to you?

Posted by Agent Deepak | Sunday, May 04, 2008 | 3 comments »

Want to know who is linking or is referring you. Its now a very easy task. I will review two very good web services which will help you to know who link to you.

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Dear friends thanks for the patience. I love you all. Now coming to my reviews. You just want to know what Pandora box I am about to open .Well so here it comes. You might some time be amazed who is linking to you or referring you. Now you can find out who is the so kind person to you (except if you are his link exchange partner). Oh leave those small things concentrate on the bigger picture. Just one month before I collided with two website which helped me to know who is the kind one linking to me. These two websites are and . As the names suggest they do exactly the work I stated you beforehand.

Well I will not much of my work here, I mean the review. I can just tell you only something more about them. Why so? Because a review on these is not a required thing. I believe you will figure it. The things are very simple there. You just have to visit the above two sites, Get some javascript codes which can work on any type of websites, forums, blogs etc. and Put them on you websites or blogs or whatever. Now you are ready to see who is referring or linking to you.

But I now have to share my experience on them (which is not same as review, so I told no review). First is little slow at work at the start. You might not see anything ,I mean any name of websites linking to you. It will certainly fill up soon. You can show up to 15 links. I feel it is best service among these two. You can also have a expanded list of the linked with thumbnails of the websites referring you. Now about, when I first installed it on my blog it worked like an angel. It worked instantly showing up to 8 links (which is its maximum). I do not why but It is not showing anything now. I think I need to do all the basics again. Now its your choice which one to use. You can see them live on my right most sidebars at the end of it, I mean below part of sidebar. I will be removing the code in few days so hurry.Hey some spicy things is just below.

I just figured out I am exposing (please no pun here) myself in this month so have to tell something more about me. "Well I will not say that I am smart and good looking. I am just a simple boy (would prefer to be called Dude or Guy) not so handsome(would love to be). I am a little shy (kinda cute). I like to talk (not gossip) on every possible topic on which I have a little knowledge of but I always need a spark from my friends to do so. I am a loving and kind person. I like to be straight forward. I am always ready to help." I feel that much is enough for today I feel like boosting myself to sky. Well friends bye for today and wait for the next post which is to come soon. One more thing please digg this article and refer it to others. I also invite your worthy comments. Please.


  1. Alan from Zero and Up // May 7, 2008 at 5:16 AM

    Good post, I've stumbled it.
    It's always interesting to see what sites are linking to mine or sending me visitors!

  2. Agent 001 // May 10, 2008 at 12:00 AM

    Alan thanks for the stumble. You are correct it is always interesting thing to know.

  3. Benny Greenberg // May 15, 2008 at 10:19 PM

    Usefull info - Always good to know where you have been and what kind of marks you have left there...