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Blogging Again after End Semester Exams

Posted by Agent Deepak | Thursday, May 01, 2008 | 2 comments »

Oh finally my end semester examination over. It was whole lot of study, mostly late nights. I was kinda becoming mad from so much of studies. Well it’s not unusual for an internet addict like me. Only god knows how I was able to remain intact so many days, 15 days to be particular without going online.

Damn I kinda liar or something. I went online for 30min -1 hr every alternate day if possible. My room mate was always yelling why you don’t study. I just always ignored me. My exams went well and thinking of getting some good marks. Hey every one say like that, isn't it? I want to repeat a phrase everyone no matter how good he is at study always says after exam. No not that he is free from studies but "If I would have studied more". You must be thinking what this blha-blha is all about. For those who already don't know let me tell you, I just gave my end semester. I study at IIT Kharagpur. Every one in the world knows what IIT is and I am proud to be a student here.

Well then thanks for being so much helpful to me. Now it’s the month of May and you know why it is so important to me and you. Most of you must have figured out. Ya I am going to tell more about me. I have a great idea for that, I have thought to tell more about me a little little in every coming post. Here I just told you that I am at IIT Kharagpur. For more you have to stay tuned. Well some might be thinking that’s all right but "What about the contest?"

Contest? Oh so that’s all on your mind. I just told you that I am planning on a contest. I am thinking to start it as soon as possible. As I was busy for many days I could not plan properly on it, so I need some time. Hey don't get sad, I will surely hold a contest. It’s going to be after 15th of this month. But it won't work well until some of you help me out. I am currently able to provide 4-5 prizes myself but I think that’s not enough. I need sponsor for this contest. You just have to email me with the prizes you wish to provide through this contest. Please put the email subject as “Contest Sponsor”. Please do hurry.

Hey just one more news I was happy to get a guest blogger last month so I am keeping all path open so as Guest Bloggers can apply to give their articles. I will happy to accept your articles. Just email me with the subject "Guest Blogger". More Details Here . I am just going to stop now. I have to rest few days after so much hard work. I will be back soon. New posts coming soon. Thanks for waiting.


  1. Alan from Zero and Up // May 7, 2008 at 5:14 AM

    I could provide three Text Links on for prizes - one on the sidebar and two in the footer. (As long as they are appropriate lol!)

    I have the same thing - I sit down to do some studying and then I end up getting on to check my blog stats real quick or something. :)

  2. Agent 001 // May 10, 2008 at 12:07 AM

    Thanks Alan for sponsoring.