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Go on PASSWORDING all around

Posted by Agent Deepak | Thursday, May 08, 2008 | 3 comments »

Passwording never heard of it. You will never hear it from anyone nor find it in dictionary as the word doesn’t exist. It’s my own creation (I wish to make it popular). By the way it refers to password protecting each and every thing which has the ability to be password protected. Confusing, it is simply art of creating good and hard to guess password.

Password is so called as in old days to bypass through secured places or to have access to something various words (code word) were used. But now it is rather a mixture of letter, numbers and/or special characters than a simple word. It is an integral part of privacy and data protection. So where do we need that, you need that in your e-mail accounts, registration (memberships), your desktop and many other here and there.

Now that you exactly know password’s importance, here are some tips to create high-quality passwords:

1.Password must be at least 8 characters. (I prefer more than 10)
2.Use both letters and numbers. Also use special characters if supported. ( I love special characters)

Now how to generate (assuming you are to create a password of 10 characters).

5-6 daily use or recallable words.
2.2-3 numbers like phone no., mobile no. etc.
3.Rest special characters like @, &.

1. Write words, numbers and special characters as below:
Blogging (8 characters)
Computer (8 characters)
Laptops (7 characters)
Calendar (8 characters)
Notebook (8 characters)
9147502926 (10 characters)
0274597 (7 characters)

2. First decide which characters to use. Let’s take 3rd characters for both words and numbers. So we get “ompltn47@&”.

3. Now you can keep that either as it is or rearrange it as, special characters at end, after special characters 3 letters and a number, then 3 letters and a number. Thus password will be “&omp4lth7@”, pretty hard to guess, isn’t it. You can have your own methods.
Note: You can see that least number of characters is 7, thus invariably you can create 7 passwords (basic one) through the above data. Jumbling can create many other.

Now that you have created password you would also like not to forget them. Here is a method but is not advisable due to its insecurity (if you don’t kept datas safe).

1.Pick two paper sheets. In one write the words, numbers and special characters in a sequential manner as you desire to.
2.On other paper write down yahoo mail-1 meaning yahoo mail password are 1st characters, Gmail-2 meaning gmail password are 2nd characters and so on.

Well I know you really want an advisable solution. I will just say one word RoboForm. What is it? It is the best Security solution for password management. Hey I have told many of you about it already. Here I remind you. The post is titled Serious Artificial Intelligence for your Password Management . Go there and find out for youself. I am using it and it is great.

Note: It is better to memorize the passwords or things (i.e. words, numbers, special characters and process) as quickly as possible. But my advisable method is the best.

Phew! A long post. But it is necessary and useful. Hope you enjoyed it and earned something. Please do comment on it and if you have any suggestion please give that so that all can earn something more. Hey friends just tell me how you liked it. My search for contest sponsor is going well. I have got one sponsor and guest blogger for me. So you have to wait til 15th of this month. Contest will be online then. And friends do send your articles which you would like to publish here.


  1. Etavasi // May 9, 2008 at 10:54 PM

    Nice articel :D nah..I think I can detect your password now..hehehe
    just kidding...

  2. Agent 001 // May 9, 2008 at 11:58 PM

    E Tavasi good joke. Friend I use password of 12 characters. And I use far better method then this.

  3. Password Generator // May 12, 2008 at 3:57 AM

    I made a cool password generator for jobs like this, see it in my link.
    Thanks for the advice -> I've passed it onto some of my ... less tech-savvy friends, shall we say:P