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Something to know of Software License

Posted by Agent Deepak | Friday, May 09, 2008 | 2 comments »

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You surely have heard of different software license like freeware, shareware, paid, trial etc. Now learn something which you should know. We broadly categorize software as free or paid but there are lots of inner terms and conditions involved in it.

Let us see below how to categorize software according to their license.

I. Open Source

These are mostly freely available with or without source code. You get rights to manipulate, distribute and use on many machines. But one condition is involved requiring you to make you available you manipulated version to the public.

II. Freeware

· Total freedom: Without manipulating the program can be distributed, used on many machines and for both personal and commercial use.
· Free to use: Can be used on many machines (no distribution) for any type of use.
· Personal use: Can be used on one machine for personal use mostly after getting a registration code (free of cost)
· Trial Version: Full version of program, can be used for certain period of time i.e. 60 min/15 days/ 30 days etc.
· Demo: Stripped version of program mostly games which give limited feature (in soft wares) or limited level of play (in games).

III. Paid/ Full versions

· Pre paid: Rare to find programs not requiring you to put registration code. Can be one or many license depending on payment.
· Registered: You need to make payment first, and then you get a registration code to make program work. Mostly for use in one machine.
· Commercial/ upgraded: Upgraded version of personal use only program with added support, feature and even power to use it on several machine.
· Shareware: Free to try before buy type. It will ask you to buy the product/program every time you open or close it. Its most features are enabled for free use mostly those which are embedded into OS from before or manually by you. I have never seen true shareware expiring.

There is one more thing any of the above types may require you to submit personal details like name, e-mail address etc.

So the outcome from all above is that we must always read terms and condition of a software. Why? To get better understanding and to be legally safe. Do I do so? Yes, mostly, that is why I got the above knowledge.

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  1. Alan from Zero and Up // May 13, 2008 at 7:39 AM

    Did you recieve my guest post that I emailed you?

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  2. Agent 001 // May 14, 2008 at 9:50 AM

    Yes I got it. I was out of station for 3 days ,so I put it on scheduled posting.