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Guest Blogging on Greatest Reviews

Posted by Agent Deepak | Saturday, May 10, 2008 | Comments

Posted on: 10th may

You can be a Guest Blogger on this Blog. You can show your blogging and article writing technique and talent to others. You just have to email me you article on various topic or your own niche. All type of article from any one is invited. Please send an error free and ethical article. I believe you already know what topics will not be accepted. I will not write those nasty words/topic here. Write a article of at least 200 words.I recommend 300-400 words.

Suggested topic to choose:
1. Your Blogging experience and Blogging tips and tricks.
2. Review a paid/free physical product like hardware, electronic products etc.
3. Review a digital product like ebooks, mp3, softwares etc.
4. Give your own free offers.
5. Write about money making.Please no PTCs/GPTs, Surveys or scams etc.
6. SEO tips and advice.
7. Review a good website or blog.
8. Give social networking tips.
9. Write on phishing, piracy and identity theft.
10. Write about Hypnosis, Spirituality, Yoga , Martial arts etc.
11. Write tips on "How to write good article "
12. And many more .Be creative.

Here is the process to send me the article.
1. Comment on this post that you are going to send me a article as Guest Post.
2. Send the article to my email "agent001.blogger [at]" (replace [at] with correct symbol) with a subject line "Guest Post by your name". Also send a small small Bio of yours with link to your blog . I would prefer the following format.

“This post is by Guest blogger your name. He is a whatever you are(student, manager, doctor etc), currently at place of work or study. He is from your country. . He blogs on your blog name with link. "

1. My blog visitors come to know about you and your blog.
2. Traffic to your blog/website.
3. One link back to your blog/website.

My past Guest Bloggers
1. Mark Dilworth, Certified Personal Trainer
Blog: My Fitness Hut
2. Alan
Blog: Zero and Up
3. You can be here