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My Blog Contest

Posted by Agent Deepak | Sunday, May 11, 2008 | Comments

Posted on: 10th may

My Blog Contest will be online on 15th of May 2008. You can participate in it to win very good prizes.

Currently I need your help. I need some sponsor for this contest. I personally can handle 4-5 different type of prizes. So am in desperate need of you help. Help me become big and make my contest a success.

You can give any kind of prizes which may include
1. Cash by PayPal
2. Ads slots on your blogs
3. Blog Reviews
4. Web Templates
5. Entrecard points
6. Ebooks
7. And any more.

Please be more creative. You have to email me at "agent001.blogger[at]" (replace [at] with correct symbol) with a subject line "Contest Sponsor". All contest sponsors will get back links from me and either a place in my new upcoming column "My Blog Sponsor" or a Blog Review which ever they like. My friends just do it.

My current Sponsor are
1. Jason of The University Kid
2. Alan of Zero and Up
3. You can be here