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Improving Your Alexa Score

Posted by Agent Deepak | Tuesday, May 13, 2008 | 1 comments »

This post is by guest blogger Alan, who runs the blog Zero and Up.

What Is Alexa?
Alexa is a traffic ranking score. Basically, think of it as what "place" you are in compared to all of the other websites on the internet. The best website (or more accurately, the website with the most traffic) will be ranked #1. There are constantly more websites being added, so I am not sure what the lowest ranked site would be, although I've seen sites that ranked in the upper millions. For a medium or small site, you want to aim to have your Alexa score somewhere below 1,000,000 - the lower the better. Now, you might be wondering how to get that better Alexa ranking - let me explain.

To Improve Your Alexa Ranking, You Need Traffic
Most importantly; you need more traffic to your website in order to improve your Alexa ranking. However, I've noticed that quick or short spurts of traffic don't do well to drastically improve your Alexa ranking - you need a long term stream of constant and quantity traffic. You may hear the phrase "quality over quantity"; this applies to blogging as well. No, it doesn't mean that some people who come to your site are better than the others; it just means that some people are more apt to explore your site or spend more time there.

So, How Do You Get "Quality" Traffic?
To get quality traffic, you need targeted traffic. In order to get targeted traffic, you must place links or ads to your website on pages with similar information. For example: if your site is about car parts, you would rather get traffic from a car forum rather than from a gardening forum. The visitors who arrived from the car forum would be more likely to be interested in your site and to spend more time browsing. Forums and blog comments are great ways to get free links and free traffic, as well. Just be sure that they are of high quality!

Do I Need The Alexa Widget?
It is a theory that those with the Alexa widget have slightly better rankings. However, I cannot say if this is true or not. After installing the Alexa widget on Zero and Up, I noticed a slight improvement in my Alexa score - but I also noticed a slight improvement in my traffic. If you want to try it for yourself, go to Alexa's website to get the widget.

Thanks for having me here! I wish you all the best of luck in improving your Alexa score and getting more traffic.

Well friends that’s all what Alan have to say. I thank him for sharing his knowledge with us. By the way “My Blog Contest” will go online on this 15th. I hope your participation. There are great Prizes to be won. Some prizes are sponsored by Alan of Zero and Up and by Jason of The University Kid. I feel the prize will amount to more than 1000$. I have a creative idea for my contest. It will be somewhat different from others.


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