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You can Design you can Earn

Posted by Agent Deepak | Monday, June 23, 2008 | Comments

Damn! today I got late in posting my article. I had my ideas in my mind for hours but could not jolt them down on the paper. I am bit lazy. By the way I am happy that I am not breaking my daily blogging rules.

Ok moving aside the shits, I just have a right stuff for you, a review cum Money making opportunity. I see you are excited. Now as you can guess from my post title this is something related to designing and some of you might be thinking there is need to know designing and other hard stuffs. Let me tell you it’s not that way. What I am going to review here is a very good freelancing opportunity. This big opportunity is provided by 99 Designs.

99 Design :Design and Earn |Greatest ReviewsNow this freelancing is not just another freelancing out there on internet. Unlike other freelancing you are not biding for jobs and the money you can earn is at least 100$. I see $$$$$$$ in you eyes. It’s like a competition, really it’s a contest. A company asks you to design something and set a specific amount of cash prize for it. The company views the entries and the chosen design is the winner and the designer gets the money. Now as a designer you submit your designs. You get paid by various methods like PayPal, wire transfer, credit card etc. Truly very simple and I know most of you can design. Let’s see what all things you have to design. You are required to design

  1. Web Design
  2. Logo Design
  3. Button and Icon Design
  4. Graphics Design
  5. T-Shirt Design
  6. Banner-Ads Design
  7. Print Design
  8. Business Cards

Now you see designing is not that hard as many think. I agree Web Designing is not easy. I have a little knowledge of it though. But all other designing are quite easy. Now you can make a logo very easily. I have seen most company asking for simple designs. The first project I participated was giving 1000$ for a logo design. Well I submitted mine but it got eliminated and the contest was taken back by the company. Oh! Forget that there are always more than 30 opportunities every day and you will be paid at least 100$ for you work. Now it’s worth spending your time and talent on it. If you can design well than I am sure you can be a winner to and earn your money as a designer. This freelancing as a designer is not easy. It’s because many good designers will be competing with you. But it does not matter a simple design can beat a complex good looking design. You just have to spend some 15-20 minutes and you can have you design ready. It takes me more than 30 minutes.

Its not just designer, if you are in search for good designs than you must use this 99 Design and get yourself a good design. I have seen as many as 800 designers participating and submitting their artwork (designs). You are bound to get very good designs. I have seen a great talent pool there. They come up with such nice design.

Well so you ready to get you hand on those lucrative Dollars or search for a designer. Just go to 99 Designs and sign-up for a free account.