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Blogger's Block cannot be Avoided

Posted by Agent Deepak | Saturday, June 21, 2008 | Comments

Its completely true, no blogger can ever avoid Blogger's Block. How I came to this conclusion? Because I have hit this Blogger's Block thing more than twice with my blog. Today is the second time it strikes. You might be thinking if there is a Blogger' Block then how there is a blog post.

Ha ha...I told, it cannot be avoided but you can overcome it. I have heard of this block for nearly a year. I learned about it while I was just starting my blogging. For me it's really no concern but I have seen many blogs fall. Just yesterday Jason of TUK ran out of ideas but he managed to overcome it and made a simple post asking for what he should write. Now that many of you can do as well. But there are many more ideas for you. I have seen a idea which I never liked. Many bloggers advise to keep some reserve articles. Well for me this is of no good. If you do reserve article you will hit Blogger's Block more often. Yes that's correct, when you have article reserved you feel like you can take some days off and at last will end up with no articles to post. Reserving articles may work if you become sick or go for holiday. But if you reserve article for too much time they become rotten articles. These are just my views. If reserving articles work for you than do so. Now I will be keeping this article little short. I currently do not have much Idea on how to overcome Blogger's Block(may be I do not wish to tell you now, Some other day). But do not worry this article will be as useful and informative as my best article(like they exists).

Below are some of the articles on Blogger's Block which you can read and take help from.

1. Battling Bloggers Block by ProBlogger
This is the best article on Blogger's block you can ever find. If you search Google for "Blogger's Block" you will get this article as the first result. I personally like the Blog Tip 4 which says 'read what other bloggers are saying' . This tip will surely get you good ideas. This article is so big that I imagine if Darren had splitted it he would have got at least 12 articles.

2. 10 tips for beating blogger’s block by LifeClever
Some nice tips. Point no. 9. "Capture ideas before you lose them" is a idea to my liking.

3. 10 Tips For Beating Bloggers Block by ThatBlogSite
This article has got really nice and simple ideas. Most of them can be useful.

4. How to Avoid a Bloggers’ Block by RandomBatch
There is a good idea of subscribing to other's blogs.

Oops! Sorry but I have this much to share. Damn I should have written something more. Well I have a secret Idea. Should I tell you or not? Wait let me think. Can you guess my Idea before I tell you? Now think what it may be.
Hints: Its a Idea on how to overcome Blogger's Block. Its a Idea on which you can write an article.

Are you thinking of it or not?

Did you guess anything?

How much do I need to wait?

Ok I cannot wait any more. Look Below.

Its very simple idea. "Write a article on Blogger's Block when you have Blogger's Block."

Surprised! You can surprise me too. Give some comment on this post. Digg and stumble this article. Can you surprise me?