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Widgetise your Blog with WidgetBox

Posted by Agent Deepak | Friday, June 20, 2008 | Comments

Widgets are not a mere decoration for any blog. Widgets are important part of a blog. They have the capacity to keep your visitors glued to your site. We Bloggers already use widgets. But there are still vast numbers of widgets which are never known to many.

Yes it is correct, there are many and many are very useful. It’s not only for blog but for all the websites out there. They can use widgets to their profit and benefit. Now I am not here to talk about the profits. I am going to tell you all about how and where you can find a useful widget for your blog and website. You can get hundreds thousands of different type of widgets on WidgetBox. I have been a member of this website for 1 year. I have used its widget for my first blog and they worked perfectly. Now when I need some widget for my current blog I will go back there and get my widget. I will be keeping this post small. Below is a screen shot of the website.

Now you might be thinking how much useful is this WidgetBox. I have already told you they have a huge number of widgets. They have collected all the best widgets around the internet and providing them to you for free. Their widgets work on Myspace, bebo, Facebook, Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, iGoogle, cafemom, LiveJournal and many more. Wow! They have lots of supported platform. They have widgets for blogs, music, social networking, education, fun, games, sports, technology, new, politics … and lots more.

They have 3,135,024,331 across 834,554 . My favorites are Blidgets. They are Fun and interesting widgets. You can even make your own widgets. So what are you waiting for get your own widgets or a previously made widget. Go to WidgetBox.