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Stop Global Warming from your desktop, Use LocalCooling

Posted by Agent Deepak | Wednesday, May 21, 2008 | 2 comments »

I know you have heard of Global Warming and other such terms. We really need to save our environment. Every individual can be helpful to save our environment.

We can save our mother earth from destruction. We can do so by cutting PC power consumption. To help us do so, here is an approach from a non commercial project from Uniblue Research Labs, a division of Uniblue Systems. It’s called LocalCooling.

LocalCooling is a 100% FREE power management tool, which allows users to optimize their energy savings in minutes and as a result reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I have heard about it some time ago when this software was in beta version. I did not install it then but now when I came across this software again I thought I should join hands in saving my mother earth. It works perfectly on my new Vista system. I have been saving some power. On left side, a screen shot of one part of my desktop, showing the program window.

PC power consumption: does it really matter?

Yes it does. Here are the facts directly from the main website of LocalCooling. “More than 30 billion kilowatt-hours of energy is wasted because many of us simply forget to shut down our computers when we aren’t using them. If we could just improve the efficiency of how we use our PCs, the savings in energy costs would be over $3 billion dollars! The CO2 emissions from just 15 computers are equivalent, in energy terms, to the gas consumption of one car.” Learn more about PC power consumption...

On right side is a screen shot of the info of how much power my PC consumes. It shows all data correctly. It shows data of power consumption by Monitor, hard disk, CPU, graphics card and others.

Uniblue Systems stresses on Network cooling. It states that “ if one person, running LocalCooling on one computer, can make a difference to global warming, imagine what a change could be made by running LocalCooling on all the computers in an organization! Not only does installing this application translate into money saved through energy savings, but your commitment to LocalCooling proves your environmental credentials and shows your willingness to put in place practices that reduce your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.”

That’s true. Every time LocalCooling saves power by either turning off your screen, putting your hard drive to sleep when not being used, or shutting down your PC when you are away, your savings stats will grow.

LocalCooling will:
1. Cut your energy bills.
2. Reduce the amount of greenhouse gas CO2 emissions as a result of your reduced PC power consumption.
3. Give you full control over your power mode settings.
4. Improve your overall efficiency and computing experience.
5. Show you, in detail, how much you have saved since installing the software.

On left is one more screen shot data, showing my saves till now. It shows my savings in term of trees, gallons of natural oils and kWh power of electricity. It also shows my optimised power and how much I save in watts from my total power. The saves are not large enough as I have installed the program only few days back. By the way if every individual does save this much then think what we all united will save.

You can show the whole world what you are doing for your environment. You can do so by creating an account with LocalCooling and you will be able to show your saves to the whole world. By joining LocalCooling, it's possible for all of us, even as an individual to make a contribution to tackling global warming. We would like your help to create a global community of millions working towards the same goal, reducing PC power consumption and making people more aware of savings that can be made, without a huge effort or personal cost.

Download the 100% FREE LocalCooling power management tool to automatically optimize your PC's power consumption. Join today and start fighting global warming from your desktop. Click to Download LocalCooling or go to the main website of LocalCooling.


  1. Alan from Zero and Up // May 21, 2008 at 6:33 PM

    That is a very interesting idea! I might try that - I know that there have been some times when I've forgotten to turn of my computer at night or during the day when I'm out of the house.

  2. Agent 001 // May 22, 2008 at 11:03 PM

    Yep thanks for your interest. We should save our environment.