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"FREE OFFER OF THE DAY" not today: A Big Lie

Posted by Agent Deepak | Thursday, March 27, 2008 | Comments

I am sorry but today I am offering nothing.

Do not worry; I still have some good stuff for you.

1. Want to know how much you blog or domain or really worth. Here is a link to a post which can help you to know it all. This info is by my friend. The link here My Blog is Worth How Much!?

2. Want to become popular in blogging world without much of efforts. Join one of Groups created by my friend. The group is called Traders Group. If you are a Blogcatalog member it is a piece of cake for you. Rests are advised to join Blogcatalog. Those who want to join Blogcatalog click here .Those of you who are Blogcatalog users and want to join the group click here.

3. Place Ads in Middle of Blogger Posts: that’s right, I know you didn't knew it can be done. Well this info was found out by me when I was searching for adsense tips. To know more go to AdSensical .

I feel I was really telling a lie, I just offered you these three free info.Do comment about you experiences with these offers.