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Watchout Blog Premiere Contest Extravaganza

Posted by Agent Deepak | Thursday, June 05, 2008 | Comments

Yet another contest for you. I have been lately participating and blogging about contests. I was thinking of stopping this nonsense. But I won a contest few days ago. I won 4 prizes in The Net Fool's contest. I have not yet got the prizes but Jim, the author of The Net Fool told me I will get them in a week.

I think I will help you win some contest too(contests are no nonsense). You will be competing in this contest with me too. Ok let me tell you what this contest is. This contest is by one of my Contest Sponsor Jason of The University Kid. This is no blogger contest instead it a forum contest. Jason has a well maintained Forum called Blog Premiere. It already has more than 140 members. This contest is intended to promote this forum. He will reward people for action… and the person that does the most action throughout this contest wins. Simple thing to do. The contest duration is one month.Well below are some of the details you would like to read about this contest.

First place winner gets:

Ultimate Blogging Package

Hosting Package

Twelve Months Swamp Plan by Hostgator


One .COM domain by Blog Premiere

Custom Wordpress Theme

Coloured Mascot by DesignFXPro
Theme Design by PSDThis
Theme Coding by PSDChopstick


One hour marketing consultation by Jason Pereira
One hour technical consultation by George Pearce
One BotW slot on Blog Premiere


One copy of OIO Publisher

Second place winner gets:

Custom Wordpress Theme

Theme Design by Eli Burford
Theme Coding by Ophelia Nicholson


One copy of OIO Publisher


One slot on the Can’t Get Rich Podcast

Third place winner gets:

One license to three themes by Magnus Jepson
One license to the Elite Theme

Fourth place winner gets:

One license to the Elite Theme
One license to Mimbo Pro

Fifth place winner gets:

One license to the Power Theme
One license to the Ecstasy Theme

The contest will run on a points scheme... whoever gets the most points wins.

How to get points

300 Points for submitting an accepted article to Blog Premiere’s magazine.

300 Points for blogging about the contest with all sponsor links attached.

100 Points for blogging about the contest without all sponsor links attached

50 Points for joining Blog Premiere’s forums

10 Points for Stumbling this contest entry

5 Points per day you link to Blog Premiere on your website.

3 Points per thread you make on Blog Premiere

1 Point per post you make on Blog Premiere

You can join the contest here!