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Snipe the Blog with comments

Posted by Agent Deepak | Wednesday, June 25, 2008 | Comments

Today I am going to review very good software which will act as aid to your blogging. It is more specifically an aid to you commenting on other Blogs. I am thankful to Hugo Santos of Blogger Venue for telling about this software to me. He told me about this software before he wrote he wrote his review on this software.

Now most of you already know how important is commenting. You will find lots of article on other Bloggers promoting commenting and telling about all of its advantages. We mostly comment to get attention from other Bloggers. It is considered a good source of targeted traffic to your blog. Now you can make your traffic increase. You just have to make your comments more affective. The best way to do so is give very good comments. It’s true that it will greatly attract traffic but if you are last to comment then you will get less traffic. So you have to be the first commentator on others blog.

How to be the first? That is what this review will tell you. The software which will help you to be the first commentator is Comment Sniper. Duncan Carver the creator of Comment Sniper says “Comment Sniper offers you a way to build targeted, valuable, strong and lasting traffic to your website at no cost, by tapping into the first mover advantage of blog comment posting. And... Now, for a limited time only, you can download this $47 fully functional application Completely FREE with no strings attached.” Let me tell you in simple words what this software does. It helps it’s user to keep track of new posts of their favorite blogs. You just have to add the desired blogs to the tracking list, choose the scanning interval and the software will alert you with a small pop up on your lower right screen corner, every time it detects a new post on any of the blogs you added to the list.

Comment Sniper Review| Greatest Reviews

It directly supports Blogger, Live space and WordPress hosted blogs. You can add all other blogs too but you have to fill RSS Url and other data manually. You can have your software ready in minutes targeting the blogs you want to comment on. You will have a greater chance of becoming the first one to blog. They also support alerting by SMS. They use Skype for it.

How effective is this software? It is very effective. Most of the times, I have ended up being the first to comment. I have been getting some good traffic as well but it’s just the start. Now you can take advantage of this software. [Guys while I was writing this review I received notification of a new post at one of my favorites Blogs and I was the first one to comment there.] Download Comment Sniper now. If you like have a visit to Hugo Santos review on Comment Sniper. You will see some irony after you read his article.