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Full Free Internet Upgrade to WEB 2.0

Posted by Agent Deepak | Monday, June 16, 2008 | Comments

Few days ago, I heard of this crazy thing, called Free Web 2.0 Upgrade. It already got 92560 Active Members since the first of April 2008. When I first saw it I just ignored it. I didn’t have time to read and research on it. I bookmarked the page. Just Yesterday I stumbled upon it again.

This time I decided to test and research on this thing. As it is free I didn’t have any problem testing it out. First of all let’s see what this program is all about. This Web 2.0 Free Internet Upgrade is the FIRST web-wide solution that upgrades every site on the internet to Web 2.0 functionality at a click of a button. Now every site online will have similar functionality as all the popular Social Networking sites like My Space. Youtube and Face book – All at a click of a button. The Web 2.0 Upgrade is an astonishing breakthrough in what is being called THE NEXT STEP IN THE EVOLUTION of the Internet...and why people are touting this company to become the NEXT BIG ONLINE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY...and THE NEXT HUGE "GOOGLE" SUCCESS STORY. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Here is an extract directly from them.

Q. "What makes you different from other Web 2.0 Technologies?"

A. "All other new Web 2 Social Networking communities reside ON a website, or you have to add code to a website to enable it. Our technology upgrades EVERY website on the Internet to Web 2.0 functionality, at click of a button!"

Now they have not yet launched their services. It is planned to be launched on July 1st. So to promote their program, they are giving away ONE MILLION DOLLARS USD split between EVERYONE who joins for free and helps them spread the word about the NEW Web 2.0 Upgrade before our July 1st launch! But money isn’t every thing, than why should we believe this program. That’s was my first question as well. Now here is a piece of Information I have which you will not able to get until you sign up. Read the extract below.

"Our partners who are building the Web 2.0 Upgrade built key component systems for Skype as well as have completed work for AOL, IBM, Intel, T-Mobil, infoSpace and many other well-known companies - the technology is solid and VERY Exciting!

Need further assurance? Take a look at our prototype website Please understand that this is a prototype and the technology is NOT downloadable yet.”

Oops! My article is looking more like a promotional material than a review. Wait! Didn’t I tell you I have done some research as well? Yes, I did it. First below is the profile of the owner of this program. The owners name is Robert Kuntz. This information was found on his Likedin Profile.

Robert Kuntz (Orlando, Florida Area)


(Computer Software industry)

Currently holds this position


(Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Computer Software industry)

January 2008 — present (6 months)

Web2Upgrade is a new technology that upgrades the entire internet to Web 2.0 functionality at a click of a button.

I also searched some of the forums and blogs. There were lots of discussions on whether this program is real or Scam. Most people agree that this program is real and there is no harm in joining it. Now is time for my review. I believe in this program not because it is giving away some huge amounts of $$$$, but because it is free. As it is free there no risk involved. That’s why I have signed-up for this program. You can be a part of this program and spread this word. I am not promoting this program, I am simply reviewing it.

If you want to join search Google.