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Blogger Health: Tips for good health

Posted by Agent Deepak | Thursday, May 29, 2008 | 3 comments »

Being healthy is very important in life. It is much more necessary for us, Bloggers. We Bloggers work a lot without much of rest.

Yes friends I have seen many Bloggers working too much and I am no exception myself. I always knew that I need proper rest every day but always overworked. Now that I am a little sick today, I realised that many other Bloggers might be having similar problems too. Let me first tell you it is really not easier to be a Blogger if you already have day jobs or school or university to attend. Well I am a daily Blogger now and it is much harder for me. I always work late night surfing the internet for good contents for you. It have resulted me feeling unhealthy.

Oh I think just telling about myself is no good. Let me tell you what all bad effects blogging can have on your health.

  1. Late night working: It retards your health slowly and you will not be able to recognise the effects until a few months. Due to this your metabolism is affected. There might be indigestion problems. This may result in headache, restlessness and drowsy feelings. There are lots of problems.
  2. Viewing Computer Screen for long hours: It is very easy to predict the effects. Most common problem is decreasing vision. The eyes are affected the most. The final results might be loss of vision. It also causes headache.
  3. Sitting in front of your PC for long hours: It will cause back pain, decrease in bone density and decrease in flexibility.

Well these were only few problems. So is it that you should not blog? No, I am not saying that. I am just saying to be attentive towards your health too. Below are some tips to keep yourself healthy while blogging.

  1. Do not work late nights. By late night I mean after 12 midnight. Now a day working up to 12 is a daily routine for many, so I won’t tell you to leave that. If you have to work late night some day then give yourself more rest the other day.
  2. Do not view your Computer screen for long time. Rest your eyes every 30 minutes. Keep a wet handkerchief or cloth with you. Wipe your face and eyes when you rest. This will also make you fresh. If you work for 4-5 hours daily then wash your face after your work is finished. You can do some eye exercises in the break time like rolling your eye balls.
  3. If you sit for too long then you need to have a good chair. It must not be too comfortable. Keep you back as straight as possible. I advice to do some stretching every one hour.

Some other tips:

  1. Do exercises daily for 10-15 minutes. You can do stretching exercises or yoga or skipping or just a walk (Jogging).
  2. Do concentration exercises. Take a plain paper and put a black dot on it. Paste the paper on wall. Gaze on the point for some minutes from 2-3 feet distance. It will increase eye sight. Keep your mind cool.
  3. If you like listening music then try some soothing music while you rest after work (any work). Do not listen to music for long hours.
  4. Sleep at least 6-7 hours daily. If you are not able to do so then try some rest more on weekends. But try to avoid the habit of sleeping less.
  5. Eat more fruits if possible. It keeps your metabolism good and gives vitamins and minerals.
  6. Have a balanced diet. Try to eat healthy foods.

Ok friends I have only given you simple tips. I know some of you have your own way of keeping yourself healthy. Well I would like to hear those from you. Please tell me what you feel about this article.

Note: Do not feel that this article is for Bloggers only. It is for all those who surf internet too much, Play too much games and watch lots of movies or videos every day on their computer.

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  1. E-Tavasi // May 29, 2008 at 9:02 AM

    Nice tips :)

    i just remember long time ago.. it cause me back pain.. sitting in front computer for long hours omg..

    then after that.. i just sleep.. in two day for recover back after that hehehe.... :D i back to my blog :)

  2. Agent 001 // May 29, 2008 at 11:05 PM

    It alway important for we bloggers to be healthy. I invite all of you to give your own tips.

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