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Blog Update 10th April

Posted by Agent Deepak | Thursday, April 10, 2008 | 1 comments »

Well I was not updating my blog for sometime.I feel sorry for that.I beg your pardon.

I got into serious problem.My net connections not working.Now that I complained about it, I will finally get my net connection back. Oh world I am back as blogger.Well I feel you all love me and revisit me.I will be posting this saturday or sunday.I will do 3 posts as usual.

I have not much to talk.I have some good news and some bad.Well bad news is not bad at all, but it is first to be told.I did not got any guest blogger.many of my friends responded to me but currently they are busy in their own blog.I am still contacting many.Many great blogger were contacted.None responded. Well I didn't knew they are so much heartless.My friend Jason of TUK responded to me but he was not ready to do guest posting.Well I respect him a lot even if he is younger than me.But I believe many of you are interested to do guest posting.Well it is open to all, just email me.Visit my blogger profile for email.Also leave a comment.

Oh now the good news.Many of you might be recalling my post about contest at TUK.I competed in it and the result my first ever win online.I got a prize of price value 10$.It is 16X16 ad on blogging 4 cash.

I will be participating in one more contest.
It is First Usman Money Contest
You can also take part.Though the prizes are not that big.

Hey I just forgot to mention, as promised I have put a new space for "FREE OFFER OF THE MONTH" just below the Link Exchange module below this post.have a look.


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