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Blogging Promise and Need of Guest Blogger

Posted by Agent Deepak | Saturday, March 29, 2008 | Comments

Well I do know what’s coming to my mind. I feel totally exhausted though. I also do know why the above is a heading to this post. It's a secret.

What ever come to mind is now on the screen just for you. Just few days ago I told you my next post is on 29th.Well then where is that? Why there is only this stupid article here? Where is the review and what the hell happened to the offers, even if they looked stupid? Hey stop. I will answer every thing slowly. I am here to get bloggers love. What the heck of thing is that? Well my heart told me to say so. Enough of stupid chit-chat. Serious things need to come first.

Well blogging surely is the biggest competition on internet even the competition of google or Microsoft or Yahoo or others do not compare to it. Here on internet every one is dying for traffic. Bloggers are the larger chunk of it. Every blogger is writing something no matter how much stupid is that. Oh! My mind is certainly going to do chit-chat kinda things. This all is because of study pressure. My end semesters are coming. I need to devote time there in studies. Oh! Again the chit-chat. Let me answer the questions first.

I am rescheduling or postponing what ever you like to say my post to tomorrow i.e. 30th of March .Why so? Well I believe in providing quality articles or content to my visitor, friends and fellow bloggers. I am currently working on very qualitative thing. I will reveal that suspense on tomorrow post. Now to the second question, I am writing this article not just to keep you attached to my blog but due to my blogging promise to myself. I am true to my heart you know that. And do not worry about reviews and offers they will always be there. Though offering good things is very tough task for me, but I will try my best for it. Hello feel like leaving, you are going to miss something important.

I have decided to put a new static column below the post where an offer will be displayed for one month. It will be called “OFFER OF THIS MONTH”. That’s not all here is a good opportunity for you all. I am in search for bloggers or writers who would love to do guest postings on my blog for me in the month of April. I am having talk with few good bloggers to do guest post on my blog. I believe they will agree. The reason I am in need of it is my exams. I will be super busy. I will only be able to post 4-5 times in month of April. But with you helping me I can go up to 15-20.

So I request my fellow bloggers and friends to do guest posting for me. You can write about blogging, give tips and tricks, write about a software or game, give your free offers, money making and many more things. What you get doing this? You already know that, you get my visitors attention, you get quality friends, and you get back link from me and many more profits. At the end of the post there will be your small Bio and link to your blog. All can apply for guest posting regardless of his blogging experience. It is not even necessary to be blogger. Those who wish to do it contact me with email and also leave a comment on the blog. My email is in my blogger profile page.

Hey already ready to apply for guest posting, good but remember one thing articles will be posted on first come first publish. If you feel like browsing the internet or know something more of me then I advice you all to visit the below links. These are my public profiles on famous Social networking websites. Look below.

1. Technorati Profile
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5. Youtube Profile

And many more.

I will tell about them later. So keep a watch on me and my blog.Subscribe to feeds to be informed automatically.Hey do not forget to take the opportunity to guest post on my blog.Oppurtunity like this may not come to you more than once in the lifetime.