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Get the Best Directory Submission Service

Posted by Agent Deepak | Wednesday, February 27, 2008 | 2 comments »

Have your site manually submitted to nearly 900 quality directories.

Promoting your website can be a daunting task: it feels like there are thousands of ways to do it, but all of them take a lot of time or money for no guaranteed return. To help solve this problem here is the best solution called Directory Submission.

It's a well-known fact that search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN value the number of links you have to your site when deciding it's ranking. It's also been established that links which are obtained naturally or which are non-reciprocal in nature [where you don't have to link back] are considered more important and valuable than links which are exchanged among sites.

So with links being as important as they are and 'one-way' links coming at a premium, the question arises on how to go about obtaining these one-way links? That's where directory submissions help.

Web directories serve as a catalog of websites and provide links to web users. It is also a source of constant traffic for your website. Submitting your website to web directories is a fairly simple activity yet, if you chose to do it yourself, you would have to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in finding the right list of directories and having your site details properly submitted to each one of them. Saving yourself the time and effort is the main priority with using a directory submission service and here is where my recommended program Directory Maximizer comes into the picture.

If you think this much info has called you mind to get it then go to this link. But before you get it let me tell you will not regret using it.

What you get finally is More Links, More Traffic, Better Search Engine Rankings and Repeated Traffic to your website. But the ultimate things you get is name and fame and even a lot of money if you are having sponsored links or paid links on your website.

Now here below is the list of services you get from the program Directory Maximizer reviewed here.

  • No minimum submissions required.

  • All submissions are manually submitted by our well-trained staff.

  • Get permanent one-way links at your pace. Spread out submissions at no extra cost.

  • Choose from various submission options. Submit to all directories or specific number of randomly chosen directories 0r by Page Rank

  • Benefit from higher search engine acceptability by submitting up to 5 variations in your titles and descriptions.

  • Avoid duplication of submissions previously made by sending us details of directories you have submitted to in the past.

  • Keep getting links on a regular basis as and when our directory list is updated.

  • We keep a permanent record of all submissions made thereby avoiding any duplicate submissions on repetitive orders.

  • All directories in are constantly verified for providing SEO friendly links. At present, there are 897 directories in the list that you can submit to.

  • Our directories have been hand-picked to suit all kinds of websites irrespective of whether they target a global, city specific, industry specific or niche audience.

  • Get detailed reports of your directory submissions.

  • Earn free submission credits with every use of our service.

  • Most affordable pricing - a one-time fee of 14 cents per directory submission, i.e. every 100 directory submissions costs only $14. No other costs involved. (Payment options - Credit Card & PayPal)

So wanna join. Click here .

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So as promised I am providing the free offer.Next Review on 29th Feb.


  1. Jane // March 1, 2008 at 4:47 PM

    Hello I like your reviews.I am impressed with your work.

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    Hey your free offer is good.Is it really true?I will join it.