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A Brand New Approach to Website Analysis and Optimization

Posted by Agent Deepak | Friday, February 29, 2008 | 2 comments »

Record visitors' every action as they browse your website. Watch movies to understand visitor behavior, gain valuable insights and improve your website's usability.

Data analysis is a usual activity, which is conduct by mostly by everyone either directly or indirectly. Companies, shop keepers, wholesalers, vendors etc. does an analysis of their sales figure, profit-loss and other reports with the data available with them. Even, housewife does a virtual analysis of the household stock and there monthly expenditure. Similarly, web analytics is gaining a momentum among the websites and portals. It is an activity that is being carried out by the corporate those who want to analyze the latest user trends and to be acknowledged with the details of the user who are visiting there online site. In short, Web analytics is defined as measuring of behavior of the user visiting a website

ClickTale is a brand new approach to website analysis and optimization. While traditional web analytics provide aggregated visitor data across web pages, they provide information about individual visitor behavior inside the web page. They show website owners movies of browsing sessions, as well as meaningful reports of behavior inside their webpage by aggregating thousands of visitor sessions. Now, website owners can gain a deeper understanding of visitor behavior, which leads to improved website usability, enhanced navigation, and increased overall website effectiveness.

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Why use it?
1. ClickTale is a hosted service, so there is no software to install. Setup takes less than five minutes.

2. ClickTale shows you movies of visitors' every mouse movement, every click and every scrolling action.

3. The ClickTale Heatmaps™ show what visitors look at inside your webpage and how far down they scroll.

Here's what their subscribers have to say

1.This new tool gives you extremely detailed insights into exactly what visitors are doing on your site." - Pete Cashmore
2.Our business is all about taking care of our customers. ClickTale has played a pivotal role in allowing us to do that better..." - Toby Hemmerling

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Some of the useful and astonishing features :

1. Visitors’ privacy is not affected
2. ClickTale can find bugs in your website
3. ClickTale can record pages protected by a log-in, as well as https pages such as shopping carts. Sensitive fields can be omitted.
4. The most recent ClickTale release supports the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox on all major operating systems.

Jeff Parks of I.A. Consultants Interviews Tal Schwartz, co-founder of ClickTale Announced : You can now use ClickTale for absolutely Free. Setup takes less than 5 minutes and our customers tell us that they get tremendous value from our service.”

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Not satisfied then here are some quotes

1. I'm simply amazed at what I see. Better than any other stats tracking program readily available today.”
Justin RobinsonOwner, Web2.0 Reviews
2. Warning: watching users in action is strangely addictive.”
Alex Walker,Editor, The SitePoint Design View
3. ClickTale removes guesswork from e-commerce analytics!”
Nik A. SeverinovProject Manager,
4. Great product! Absolutely fabulous. You have a new customer!”
Ujaval G.Web ,admin, GPS in India
5. It's Amazing! It's valuable, it's useful, it's easy to use. It's going to change the way I plan and design websites.”
Tzahi hariri ,Owner, Lingo

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