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My Blog Contest Winners

Posted by Agent Deepak | Tuesday, July 01, 2008 | Comments

Today is the lovely day when I am going to announce the prize winners of My Blog Contest. Ok before I announce the results I want to ask you to have a visit to the My Blog Contest Entries post. All the winners were decided according to that list.

The list there is final and no changes will be made. I have to give penalty to some of you. I even had to knock out one of the contestants. He unsubscribed from the RSS Feeds. One of the contestants was able to make the entry just in time though the comment came a little late but I admitted the entry. Most lucky winner is my friend and fellow Blogger Etavasi winning four of the prizes. You won’t believe it but he was not willing to take part in this contest. He talked with me in Chat and participated in this contest. He always said he will not win. Now I want to see his reactions. Ok the Prizes winners are listed just after the Prizes.

I. Lucky Feed Subscriber
1. One copy of e-book (to first 1000 only). All RSS Feeds (email) Subscribers
2. 2 Sidebar 125 X 125ADS. Phoebe & Sherry
3. 10$ cash by PayPal. Etavasi
4. 1 one hour’s consultation time for blogging. Louis Liem

II. Lucky Commentator
1 Blog Review. ---No One---
2. 2 place in My Blog Sponsor list (for 2 months). Etavasi & Hugo Santos

III. Lucky Blogger
1 One hour’s consultation time for blogging. Erz
2. 2 Icons 64 X 64 ADS. Antonfkip & David

IV. Lucky Stumbler
1 Sidebar Text Links on Zero and Up. Etavasi
2. 2 Footer Text Links on Zero and Up. Indocontest & Yan

V. Lucky Digger
3 Icons 64 X 64 ADS. Indocontest, Khyle & Yan

VI. Lucky Twitter Follower
1 Sidebar 125 X 125 ADS. Indocontest
2. 1 Icon 64 X 64 ADS. Yan

VII. Lucky Voter
1 Full Version Key of Win Optimiser 4. ---No One---
2. 1 Icon 64 X 64 ADS. Etavasi

Instructions for Contestants

  1. All Email subscribers will get the 1$ e-book by email within a week.
  2. Be subscribed to the feeds as new contest will be coming soon.

Instructions for Prizes Winners

  1. I will contact all winners by email by 5th of this month.
  2. You do not need to contact me.
  3. I will email you all details and instructions on how to get or claim you prizes.