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Help Me Choose a Wordpress Theme

Posted by Agent Deepak | Thursday, July 03, 2008 | Comments

I need your help. I recently won the Wordpress theme Giveaway contest on WP Theme Designer . There was a Giveaway of 30 Premium Wordpress theme. I got the 10th position. I choose Winners Choice Theme from Blogalized .

Blogalized currently have some 7 themes. I have been given 5 days time to pick one from those themes. I need your help in picking one of them. I am not able to decide what theme is good. I do not know much about the taste of WordPress theme. You know I am not a WordPress Guy but a Blogger Guy. Please help me decide. You can have a look at the different themes on their Product Page. After you have a look at the themes please leave a comment here telling me which of the theme you liked. Please do hurry as I have to pick the theme within 5 days or I will get nothing.

I am sorry that this post is so small. I am currently not feeling healthy. I am down with fever. I was sleeping the whole day and not able to work. Now there is no electricity for some 3-4 hours. I was just able to write this small article and check my email. Doctor has advised me to take some rest. I hope I get well soon enough. I am itching to blog as soon as possible. Please do help me choose the theme I mentioned above. See you all soon.