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Top 10, 15, 25, 100 or more

Posted by Agent Deepak | Saturday, June 07, 2008 | Comments

You might be thinking what’s with the title of this article. Well I am not sure myself why I wrote so.

By the way friends it was a little free day for me so I sat down and thought I should do something unique today, of course for my blog. So what if I build some top list. Then I decided to build a list of top blogs or Blogger. My first source as usual was Google search. I searched for the term “Top Blogs” .Its a simple keyword so I got lots of result. The first and foremost result was Technorati Top 100 Blogs. Now below is the info, what I got.

Technorati Popular: Top 100 blogs
It's the most popular blog in the world, as ranked by, and won the Lifetime Achievement and Best Group Blog awards at the 2006 Bloggies.

The ranks are based on the number of authority which means the greater the backlinks(from Technorati listed blogs) the better your rank. I knew about this list when I joined Technorati. So I proceeded forward and scrolled down a little and I got the result as below.

Top100 Bloggers - Top Blog Directory

Now this is a list based on daily hits and total hits to the blog. There are ratings and site details as well. It’s a little interesting. I do not know most of the top 10’s here. I didn’t read it full. They have facility of vote and comment on the list but I saw no comments at all and there were only few votes. Now list like this also exists. I clicked the next button and browsed some more pages. I got two more good results which are worth a mention.

First one is The Top 25 Blogs by Now they have selected best about something—from politics and global affairs to shopping and sports from millions of blogs about nothing. Second was CNET First Blog 100 list. In 2006, CNET introduced you to their first Blog 100 list. Its looks like a random list. There is no top 100 or like that but there are featured blogs.

Now after getting and reading these results, I thought are these top lists worth watching for me and my visitors. My heart said no but my mind said yes. Now I was fighting on this post, both with my mind and heart. The last result was I had to obey both. I listed the links here but I didn’t prepare my own list of top blogs. Really they are boring until you are in some mood to do business with them(top bloggers) or want to cheat or spam them. I thought now 'what good content I should give to you all'. I searched more but this time with the keywords “Top List”. Suddenly I came to an interesting result. I visited the link and from there I picked 6 lists for you. They are really funny. First two lists are below.

1. The Top 15 Historical Spam Subject Lines
2. The Top 13 Reasons to Go to Work Naked

Below is a list of 15 best and worst. This list is just to help you enjoy your weekends. There is much more fun here. Below are four more lists.

1. Best Things to Happen to Men in 2007
2. Best Things to Happen to Women in 2007
3. Worst Things to Happen to Men in 2007
4. Worst Things to Happen to Women in 2007

Friends please leave some comments to help me improve. Tell how was this article?