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Site Point Giving Away their $29.95 Photoshop book

Posted by Agent Deepak | Tuesday, June 10, 2008 | Comments

Today is my 50th post on this blog. I am happy to reach this small milestone. I wait for the day when I reach my 100th post. By the way those who do not know, there is a contest on this blog which ends on 30th June. Do participate in My Blog Contest Online: 1272 $ Prizes

Today there will be no review, no talk about blogging, money making or other stuffs. Today I will be telling you about a free offer. No, I am not giving any prize or holding giveaways. First of all the worth of this offer is $29.95. And this offer is by some website called Site Point. I came across this offer on a blog post on a blog named BobbyT Blogging To a T . I do not what’s with that title. By the way let’s talk of the offer.

Ok Site Point is giving away their Sensational Photoshop book, The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks & Techniques. The book is originally sold for $29.95 and is not one of those hastily assembled sub-standard e-books on the internet. Authored by Corrie Haffly, this book is intended for web designers and anyone who wishes to acquire a passing knowledge about graphic manipulations. I have not gone through the book yet, but looking at its Table of Contents, it is quite a good book for learning Photoshop and other graphic manipulation programs (most programs have similar features and functionality). This is a 278 page e-book.

This e-book has got quite good reviews from, Blog Critics, and many more. Just have a look at the Editorial Reviews and Customer Reviews. Look at the Features of this e-book

  • Entire contents of book in full color throughout!
  • Written by web designers FOR web designers
  • Over 50M of ready-to-use PSD files

Now do not think I am promoting this e-book. Well I will love to promote such a good e-book. Site point is giving it for free but it is a limited time offer. The last time I checked there was nearly 3 days 4 hours left to download the e-book for free. It is nearly 22 MB (Low Resolution) or 44 MB (High Resolution). If you are a Web Designer, then you should not leave this opportunity. If you are not, hey stupid they are giving it for free. To download this e-book for free go to The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks and Techniques.