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Decide my Blog Content

Posted by Agent Deepak | Saturday, June 28, 2008 | Comments

Today is just 28th of the Month of June 2008. Summers are gone and now the rain Gods (I mean Clouds) fly around. Rain, water and mud is here and there somewhere yet nowhere. The weather brings more laziness in me. Feeling all bored. Feeling all sleepy. STOP! What the Crap?

Suggest Content on Greatest Reviews
Oh sorry! I am just feeling Lazy these days. I know I have to keep up my spirits and keep on blogging. I am trying my best and even coming with all possible good contents. But I think my blog needs something more. I need something my visitors would like to hear from me. What my Visitors and friends need from me? What contents they need from my Blog? Now let me think. Let’s see. Money Making. Yes, all love money. Now Reviews. Yup they want them. It’s the veins of my Blog. I can never leave that. Blogging. Oh that’s already a part of my blog. I got few good contents. But I think you all need something more. What is it?

Now it is better to ask the audience that walking my mind here and there. Yes you are going to decide what all contents I should blog on. Now first of all, Reviews will be the main part of this blog. Secondly I will blog on Money making and Blogging too. I just want to know is there any topic which can be a part of my blog. Give me some Ideas. I just want you to suggest me. I would also like to hear what services or products or softwares or websites review you would like to see. Oops! Again I am walking my mind. Its time to stop writing or this post will be full of Craps.

I would like to hear your Ideas and suggestion. I will try my best and keep my blogging ticking. See you next time with some really good contents. Hey already leaving, have a look at one of my favorite videos. The Video is embedded below.