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Confuse your mind with Grand Illusions

Posted by Agent Deepak | Friday, June 13, 2008 | Comments

I was pretty busy today. Mostly reading and watching some videos. I thought I will not be able to post today. I do not keep reserve articles. I always write and post on the same day. What should I do?

Thinking, thinking, thinking and thinking a lot. No idea at all. On this day of the week I always put a review of a useful website. Now as I was thinking, my brother came to me showed me an article on Optical Illusions. I read that article. I actually like Illusions a lot. Bingo, an idea in my mind. I went to Google search (I love Google) and searched for the term ‘Optical Illusions’. I browsed through many websites and at last came to a site which is worth a mention. This website has some new types of Illusions, which I have never seen or heard before. Now this site also has toys related to Illusions. I am not a child but I love toys. This website is “Grand Illusions”.

As I am visiting Grand Illusions for the first time, I do not have much to say. So this article is going to be short. This website is very beautiful in look. Every thing is well organised. Grand Illusions contains Optical Illusions examples and articles and Toys. Site is divided into 4 categories. First one is the Toy Shop where you can buy toys. You can buy many types of toys which may be related to maths, chemistry, biology, Optical Illusions, magnetism etc. They have a Leonardo Kit too. Second category is the Toy Collection where many toys are listed. These toys are not for sale. All toys in their shop and collection have an accompanying video. You can download those short videos. Items in the third category are examples of Optical Illusions containing different types of Illusions. In the fourth category there are Articles on Illusions. They have some lovely articles. That’s it (I told you this article is going to be short), it’s your turn to have a look at the website. I am listing here some of the Optical Illusions and Toys I liked.

Must see Optical Illusions

  1. Moving Wave
  2. Dragon Illusion
  3. Matrix Ping Pong
  4. Frisbee
  5. Leaning Towers
  6. Julian Beever - 1 and Julian Beever - 2
  7. and many more in Optical Illusions

Must see Toys

  1. The Einstein Hollow Face Illusion
  2. Gaussian Gun
  3. Animated Cowboy
  4. Sun Print Paper
  5. Balloon Bomb
  6. The Mighty Dollar
  7. and many more in Toy Shop and Toy Collection

Visit Grand Illusions and tell me did you like today’s article. Suggest any related useful site you have visited. To get reviews on useful website subscribe to RSS feeds.