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10 Must read Articles this Week

Posted by Agent Deepak | Saturday, May 31, 2008 | Comments

Today is Saturday and I have seen some fine articles so far. I would like to share 10 must read articles with you. The list contains Article title (Links to original article), Author name and Small description (extract from the article). The 10 articles are just below

1. Blog Blast For Peace
By Barbara(aka Layla)
Blogstein, Controlled Chaos, And Another Thing..., melon cutter musings, A Dog A Day, Memoirs of a Gouda, Jane Lake Makes a Mistake, Bitter Cup of Joe, Web Gamin, Totally Biased Book and Movie Review, These Are Me Thinks, ...

2. New temporary Blogging place
By Joshua
Just like yesterday I said, I go to Butterworth. We go by bus, so I just can “half sleep half wake”. I also mentioned about new temporary blogging place. So how about this new place? Lets check it out… ...

3. My Make Money Online Tips
By Dexter
FYI This site is also doing paid review via site that offer review with price, in fact they give more money than AdSense. Just beware of Google Penalty. If you choose AdSense as one of your income source, be sure to read their TOS and...

4. Blog Outreach aka Blogs as a marketing medium
By Mani Karthik
Blog outreach is a much more sophisticated form of media channel these days. Where it would have been an easy guess that a technology review blog would be the best medium to reach out to tech savvy online users, these days more and more...

5. The Power of Commenting
By Zdomerr
Check these posts out... 6 Important Blogging Tips; When in Doubt, Start Contests to Boost Things Up; Market Leverage’s Marketing Craze; Making Money Online Meets the Financial Community; Mac Book Airs + $1000 Giveaway.

6. Wordpress Goldmine Review - Information
By James Redder
It will save you time and money by cutting out the vast majority of novice mistakes, provides a plan to work from and how to monetize your blogs. This is why we feel Wordpress Goldmine is an invaluable book to have if you are seeking...

7. How Do You Make Money Online?
By Ian
Also this can show what is popular on the make money online genre. Some choices interact with one another and I expected close results. For example Affiliate Marketing and Blogging are very close, because when you blog and write reviews...

8. Top 5 list of why you should review what ever you do!
By Collin
Ok so if your making money online or plan to then you really want to review what ever you can on your blog that you do in your personal life off line. Writing about your most recent trip or the dinner you have last night with your wife...

9. Preventing Burn Out by Finding Motivation
By Katy Castro
... That! Which aims to answer “how to” questions for Bloggers. This post brought to you by:. A Contest Blog. New contests daily! Add yours. Kung Fu meets the Blogsphere! Obsessively Profiling Technology Make Money With ShaunJudy.Com...

10. Who Just Popped Out?
By Mike Huang
It’s funny how sometimes I see guest posts or reviews on blogs like John Cow or ProBlogger, but when I click on the author’s link to visit the blog, I see that the author has a very professionally done blog. ...

I hope you enjoyed the above list. Just tell me which articles you liked. There is a small update on my contest. Now you do not have to Digg 5 more articles. Only digging the contest post is sufficient. But I will love to get digs from you if you like my articles. I ask all contestants to give your Digg, Stumble Upon and Twitter user name on contest page for convenience. For those who do not know about the contest please visit My Blog Contest Online: 1272 $ Prizes .

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